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Accupin provides better modelling and better results. This isn't just a model of your foot, it's a mold of the mechanical forces that make your body move.

​​Custom Orthotics Only $400!

Welcome to St Albert Orthotics. My name is Dr Bryan Brodeur. I have been building custom Orthotics for over twenty years. Custom Orthotics, because they are moulded to your feet, make you feel like you are walking on clouds. Foot pains of all types are dramatically reduced. Knee pain and leg pain can be effectively treated with custom Orthotics, as can lower back and hip issues.

Why? Because at my St Albert Orthotics Clinic, a custom made Orthotic is constructed using the best existing technology for constructing Orthotics. Our Accupin system accurately assessed the mechanical resistance levels at every joint in your foot. Using seared and weight bearing readings, we are able to create what is in my opinion the most accurate readings currently possible. We are therefore able to produce a Gait Analysis and Biomechanical Assessment that is the most accurate possible.

So when I build your custom Orthotics in my St Albert clinic, you arw receiving an insole built specifically for the needs of your foot. The result is an Orthotics that gives you such a change in comfort that you will insist on having this device in every show you have. Our Custom Orthotics make your feet feel like you are walking in pillows, literally.

Our patients love our Orthotics so much and they transfer them from shoe to shoe so often that many patients opt for a second Orthotic. We have always built our Orthotics for only $400.00, which is likely the lowest cost for a custom Orthotic anywhere in the St Albert or greater Edmonton area. And in our clinic, a second pair is affordable because your second pair of Orthotics can be built for only $200.00

So contact our office today at 780 418 4331. Our assessment is free and you are going to be delighted with the change in your health our custom Orthotics make.

When a professionally constructed orthotic built from raw materials is what your doctor orders, turn to St Albert Orthotics. 

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Build The Best Orthotic You Can Buy For The Best Price 

True 3D Data Transfer

Other Feet Issues

A heal spur can be a complex condition. Appropriate care will often involve a professionally constructed orthotic. When orthotics alone don't work, ask about Myofascial release provided by our health team.

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We've Got Relief Down to an Art.

An effective treatment plan for plantar fasciitis will often revolve around a properly constructed Orthotic. Our clinic also provides the appropriate therapies, including muscular release and ultrasound therapy.

St. Albert Orthotics operates in The Back Doctors, St Alberts premium Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center. We've built orthotics for those with back, knee and hip problems in mind for years and plan to continue for many more!

Accupin provides a model that is duplicated on the construction end where your orthotic is built in a true 3D format.

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Plantar Fasciitis

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Heel Spurs

Better Results 

For more than fifteen years, St. Albert Orthotics has provided relief through a superbly constructed orthotic. Located in The Back Doctors, our professional health facility has provided orthotic molding and construction, chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy to thousands of satisfied patients. 

Our professional team includes dedicated orthotic modelling technicians. Our technicians have the expertise required to get your orthotic designed and constructed right for your better health. 

For more complex mechanical  requirements we can always call on our onsite Doctors or the Doctors of Podiatry we work with at our Toronto construction facility.